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Over 20 years of focus on green ink
Higher quality and better service to give back to customers
hot key words: Environmental protection water-based ink, water-based varnish, UV varnish series products


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More than 20 years in production of various environmental friendly water-based inks, water-based varnishes, uv varnishes series products.


All products are subjected to multiple strictly quality inspection procedures before shipping.

Green Product
Green Product

Products strictly comply with national standards about environment protection and safety.

raw material
raw material

Raw material are from CLARIANT, DIGAO, BASF and other well-know supplier.


Profession engineers and service team to offer customerized solution.


  • 20+yearProduction and market experience
  • 6000m?Modern workshop
  • 10+setAdvanced production equipment
  • 20+peopleProfessional technical R&D team
Dongguan Xinheng Printing Equipment Co., Ltd.

Dongguan Xinheng Printing Equipment Co., Ltd.

Dongguan Xinheng Printing Equipment Co., Ltd. Is modern factory with advanced production equipment covering an area of ??more than 6,000 square meters. We have professional R &D team and perfect after-sales system. Specialize in the production of environmentally friendly WATER BASED INK, WATER BASED VARNISH, UV VARNISHES series products. These Products are widely apply in various papers, magazines, sticker, boxes, plastics, non-woven, tissue, furniture etc....


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